3 in 1 Training Module

This portable F.E. trainer is our latest training tool. We have combined the BEST of our training devices for the most comprehensive, durable and cost efficient training simulator on the market today.

Our free standing training module combines the training capabilities of the:
(1) Virtual door
(2) Thru the Lock trainer and
(3) Adz end trainer/hydra ram/Ram Jamb devices
in one portable unit.

The full steel door contains a Power Jamb device for inward/outward haligan F.E. training which converts to an Adz end/hydra ram/hinge swing and ram training prop.

The lock board accessory can be attached to the door frame in secs to allow Thru the Lock "k" tool training

The inner box of the Power Jamb simply slides out and allows insertion of the solid steel Adz end/Hinge swing/hydra ram/battering ram training accessory.

The reusable "k" tool cylinder pull trainer also attaches to the main frame.

The 3 in 1 training module is a must for all "hands-on" training professionals.

Our Training module uses No CONSUMABLES and comes with a 1 year Warranty

3-in-1 Video

3-in-1 Photo

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