Power Jamb

Power Jamb (Patent #5,906,493) is an innovative training device that simulates the action of a door being forced with a halligan and axe without destroying the training door. Students or trainees can practice forcible entry techniques until proficient without the high cost of replacing or repairing breakable doors and jambs.

With Power Jamb you can successfully teach "hands-on" forcible entry techniques for inward or outward opening doors.
After each training sequence the unit is simply relocked and ready for the next group within seconds without any additional cost or use of any pins, wooden blocks or shims.
The unit (photo shown here) comes with complete instructions for installation on a standard 1 3/4" steel door. Your department can choose to install the unit on an existing door in your fire training building or opt for the portable 3-in-1 Training Door Both the Power Jamb and 3-in1 Training Door come with a limited 1 year warranty.

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