Ram Jamb

Battering ram training with our new "Ram Jamb" device

For the most realistic battering ram training device, we introduce RAM JAMB!
Turn any steel door into the most efficient training prop available. Like the Power Jamb , this unit uses NO CONSUMABLES and is designed to protect both jamb and door. Our unit comes with a full 1 YEAR WARRANTY and will surpass any other type training prop on the market.

The unit easily attaches to a standard steel door.

After a cutout is made in the door, the device is inserted and bolted in place.

Steel angle iron is bolted through the jamb side of the door for support and protection.

A ratchet is used to reset the unit each time it is forced.

No consumables are used for training thanks to our unique spring release design.

The amount of force (ft/lbs) can be adjusted for various levels of training.

Ram Jamb Video

Ram Jamb Photo

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