About Power Jamb LLC

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Lt. Michael Bishop came up with the idea for Power Jamb on the job, training fire fighters at the FDNY Training Academy. A 22 year veteran, he understands that proper training is essential and saves lives.

Throughout his career Lt. Bishop gained valuable experience in all aspects of fire fighting.
Mike came to the FDNY on Aug 25 1979 following in his father's footsteps, Homer G. Bishop, Chief of Department. He was first assigned to Eng. 28 lower manhattan and over 10 years worked in
Lad. 176 Brownsville , Lad. 40 Harlem, Lad. 37 Bronx, Eng. 232 Flatbush, Lad. 87 Staten Island. Promoted
to Lieutenant in May of 1990 and after 2 years "bouncing", he was assigned to Lad. 169 Sheepshead Bay
Served as an instructor at the NYC Fire Academy teaching forcible entry, mask usage and search/rescue.

During his time at the academy, Lt. Bishop designed and built a mask confidence training bus which is used
to train/maintain the mask usage skills of units in the field. He also designed a state of the art search/rescue
at the Brooklyn Navy Yard which trained 4 companies a day in engine and truck operations.

While teaching F.E. training, Lt. Bishop came up with the idea for a forcible entry training device that mounted on a door and could take the stress of multiple forcible entry simulations without damage or consumables. He received a letter from the FDNY Commissioner congratulating him on his "life saving device". Since then Lt. Bishop has designed numerous other state of the art training devices i.e. Power Window, 3 in 1 portable F.E. training door and Thru the Lock Trainer. All of his devices are designed to simulate "hands on" training with minimal setup time, durability and no use of consumables.

In 2008 Power Jamb was involved in a law suit with FDNY for patent infringement. (New York Daily News ) Since then there have been numerous other copies and fraudulent devices. Although these devices are similar to the Power Jamb, nothing comes close to the durability and hands on training guaranteed by Power Jamb products

With the establishment of the Power Jamb company in 1998, a trend of designing better training devices swept the U.S and many other companies with different devices were formed, with much success.

If anything, the professionalism and training of firefighters throughout the country is reward enough. We sell products that train fire fighters to save lives, and that is our business, Saving lives.

At Power Jamb, we stand by our products and will always help fire/rescue and police departments make the best choice for their training needs regardless which company they decide to purchase from. The "Best Men Available" means the "Best Training Available" and that is our mission.