Power Window

Power Window is the only tool of its kind for ventilation training. Teaching ventilation has always been difficult but now, trainees can know what it feels like to ventilate a multi-paned window which can be easily put back together for the next student. This device is invaluable for teaching the "get out alive" training scenario.

The panes and "breakaway" sash come ready to install

The steel frame is made to be installed in the window opening.(inside dimensions)

Once the frame is installed in the opening, panes are pushed into place.

Each pane is designed to break out under inward pressure from an axe, haligan, hook or other type tool.

Once the panes are in place and the "breakaway" sash is installed, the window gives an extremely realistic look to your training building with the unique ability to simulate a window to be vented over and over again without damage.

Power Window Video

Power Window standard 28"x48"