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World class training equipment for rescue professionals designed by an FDNY officer and academy instructor with 20 years truck experience in busy NYC ladder companies.

Power Jamb

Power Jamb (Patent #5,906,493) is an innovative training device that simulates the action of a door being forced with a halligan and axe without destroying the training door. Students or trainees can practice forcible entry techniques until proficient without the high cost of replacing or repairing breakable doors and jambs.

With Power Jamb you can successfully teach "hands-on" forcible entry techniques for inward or outward opening doors.
After each training sequence the unit is simply relocked and ready for the next group within seconds without any additional cost or use of any pins, wooden blocks or shims.
The unit (photo shown here) comes with complete instructions for installation on a standard 1 3/4" steel door. Your department can choose to install the unit on an existing door in your fire training building or opt for the portable 3-in-1 Training Door Both the Power Jamb and 3-in1 Training Door come with a limited 1 year warranty.

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Ram Jamb

Battering ram training with our new "Ram Jamb" device

For the most realistic battering ram training device, we introduce RAM JAMB!
Turn any steel door into the most efficient training prop available. Like the Power Jamb , this unit uses NO CONSUMABLES and is designed to protect both jamb and door. Our unit comes with a full 1 YEAR WARRANTY and will surpass any other type training prop on the market.

The unit easily attaches to a standard steel door.

After a cutout is made in the door, the device is inserted and bolted in place.

Steel angle iron is bolted through the jamb side of the door for support and protection.

A ratchet is used to reset the unit each time it is forced.

No consumables are used for training thanks to our unique spring release design.

The amount of force (ft/lbs) can be adjusted for various levels of training.

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Power Window

Power Window is the only tool of its kind for ventilation training. Teaching ventilation has always been difficult but now, trainees can know what it feels like to ventilate a multi-paned window which can be easily put back together for the next student. This device is invaluable for teaching the "get out alive" training scenario.

The panes and "breakaway" sash come ready to install

The steel frame is made to be installed in the window opening.(inside dimensions)

Once the frame is installed in the opening, panes are pushed into place.

Each pane is designed to break out under inward pressure from an axe, haligan, hook or other type tool.

Once the panes are in place and the "breakaway" sash is installed, the window gives an extremely realistic look to your training building with the unique ability to simulate a window to be vented over and over again without damage.

Power Window Video

Power Window standard 28"x48"

Thru-The-Lock Trainer

Finding it difficult to teach your firefighters professional "through the lock" forcible entry? With Thru-The-Lock Trainer, you can now practice these techniques over and over again without replacing parts. Unit is freestanding and can be moved easily from room to room.

Pull the cylinder with the "K" tool and halligan then simply replace the same cylinder using our unique pressure device which can reload in seconds.

Practice on door mount type cylinder locks and keyed entry doorknob sets.

Hands on techniques can be performed on both mortise and commercial style locks.

Thru-The-Lock Trainer Video

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